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Stormchaser80, L.L.C. is providing this educational website subscription service ( to teach stock market and related market technical analysis in an active learning environment in real-time. As such, all users of this website must understand that the content within this website is solely for educational purposes and must not be construed as investment advice. All users of this website must read, understand, and acknowledge the Disclaimer, Terms of Service, and Copyright notifications.

The first lesson is investing involves risk. You may lose some of or all of your principal. Use the services of a certified financial adviser who will guide you based on your particular financial situation and goals.

The scope of this educational website is learning to swing trade. We do not discuss nor advocate day trading which involves much less assessment of the overall market conditions. Swing trading can be an important strategy for retirement accounts as well as your private broker accounts. But in doing so, you must understand the big picture and medium range trends to be successful.

If you agree to everything outlined here, please feel free to investigate this website and all content available to your subscriber level. If you are a Silver or Gold member, I encourage discussion (linked at the bottom of each post) throughout the trading day to learn from each other and to ask questions!

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